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You might be thinking that you don’t need the garlic press especially when you just need a clove or two in cooking but think about this: garlic cloves are generally slippery when you cut using a knife which means you also run the risk of getting cut.

 And what about the odor? Garlic has a strong smell that will stick to your hands long after you cut and held it.

The worst-case scenario is you get a garlic burn.

Why Do We Need The Garlic Press?

It’s easy, it’s safe, it’s odorless and it’s fast, especially when you need to peel more than just a clove of garlic!

And Pressed garlic adds more intensity to the meal!


EASY TO USE: Allow you to have an easier and more convenient way of preparing minced garlic by just pressing it!

 No more peeling and cutting through a knife because you can easily separate the skin and the body by just pressing it and after which have the garlic minced faster.

SAFETY: Sharp blades but safety handle made of ABS plastic, which is eco-friendly and entirely recyclable.

The sharp hole blades are on the opposite side of the handle and it is designed in a circular shape for an easy, more efficient pressing.

EASY TO CLEAN: You don’t have to worry about stuck pieces because you can easily wash them off under flowing water.

Have your garlic ready in no time and garnish your prepped meals for an additional burst of flavor!


Material: Handle: ABS, Blade: 304 stainless steel

Option: Black Handle/Stainless Steel Handle

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