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World’s First Contoured Car HeadRest

NeckBuddy is not just another head support pillow. Regular car pillows are ‘regular’, round shaped- the shape that does not mimic our natural curvature.

However, NeckBuddy was designed to replicate the cervical and upper-thoracic contour of an average human body.

Most Comfortable Driving Experience. Guaranteed!

The high-density memory foam molds to the natural curves of your body to provide truly custom comfort. This semi-hard cushion will properly support your neck and shoulders from sitting for extended periods while traveling and relieve the stress.

A Must-Have For Daily Drivers

Do You Drive More Than 15 Minutes A Day? If so, chances are you might already be exerting your neck too much due to lack of proper support, and developing an inadequate posture. Most new cars are especially notorious for having those highly-angled headrests, which are highly uncomfortable. But not to worry. Just put on the Neckbuddy and enjoy the drive.

Why Contoured Design?

Most modern car headrests angle forward. This is to keep the distance between the head and the headrest to a minimum, which reduces impact forces. However, the price of protection is that the neck is left without any support. This can make long trips and even driving to work everyday a pain in the neck.

NeckBuddy helps fill this gap with luxurious memory foam and give your back and neck a proper stress-free support, which not only helps with comfort but also offers better ergonomic posture while driving or just sitting in a passenger seat.

We went viral last holiday season

Last winter this headrest went viral, generating more than 1,000 posts on social media in a few days. How’s that? And it is back again, stronger! The images below belong to the original writer and not us.

Universal Compatibility

 Our Contoured Car Headrest is universal and is compatible with all vehicles that have adjustable headrest rods. This makes it easy to switch your headrest between vehicles, allowing you to experience the ultimate comfort for any journey.

Please note: NeckBuddy headrest cushion is an accessory not a medical recommendation. Buyer agrees that must use his or her own

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