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❄Put “Ice Silk Breathable Underwear” on and go straight down 5°C!
The surface temperature of the two fabrics was checked by a thermometer at room temperature of 30°C as follows:

4D U-Pouch – Maximum natural support & comfort. Minimized pressure and protect you for male fertility. The pouch shape also enhances your front profile!

60 seconds quick-drying & Stay dry every time you exercise – Ultra-thin 0.09″ semi-sheer fabric that is extremely soft, light, stretchable,Stretches freely without restriction for maximum movement as if not wearing anything.

Graphene materialInhibits the growth of bacteria on the fabricand the production of odor,Antibacterial ability does not deteriorate even after repeated washing.

Completely Seamless – No stitching or lines for ultimate comfort & fitting! just like your second skin! Feels like wearing nothing.

Breathable & Fresh – Made of top-quality ice silk – 360°C cycle🔁Breathable, say goodbye to stuffy heat! Keep you fresh & dry at all times!

This product does not contain fluorescent agents, etc.Fluorescents may have adverse effects on human health, so please choose panties that do not contain fluorescents.

Product Specification:


Crotch: 66% Viscose + 5% Spandex + 29% Polyester

Color:Black, Light Gray, Dark Blue, Blue, Green, Pink, Brown

Size:  L, XL, XXL, XXXL

Package Includes: 1x Men’s Ice Silk Underwear


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