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🦇 Color acrylic bat is the perfect decoration in Gothic style. For your guests, this will be unusual and creepy. 🦇

Looking for unique Halloween decor ideas? Halloween stained glass Witch on the moon and more styles can add the spirit of this holiday to your home. Grab it today with a discounted price and don’t forget about your loved ones and get a few unique suncatchers for them.



This piece is made by cutting and welding.

The bat’s head will emit a faint red light in the case of low light. What a surprise decoration!

The pendant contains an iron chain, and you can install it anywhere with the hook and suction cup.

Sunbathers can also be used as gifts to relatives and friends.

Wet cleaning is adopted for maintenance. Color acrylic likes water, don’t worry.


Material: Colorful Resin, Metal

Size: 7 inches in diameter


1 X  Suncatcher Decoration


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