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Get Your Well-Deserved Scalp Massage!

For days when you’re at home and you have the urge to de-stress, reach for Hair Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush.

Scalpy promotes your scalp’s circulation, encourages hair growth, removes any gunk, and (the best part) releases the tension that we all tend to hold up top.

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Eliminates Dandruff, Removes Dead Skin & Oil Buildup On ScalpThe fine-point bristles effectively remove the build-up of bacteria and dead skin which is what leads to dandruff.

5 minutes a day massaging your head with Scalpy unblocks pores and the buildup of dirt and dry skin.

Healthier hair, dandruff-free!

Spa-worthy Scalp MassageScalpy’s anti-tangle bristles gently stimulate your scalp to make you feel refreshed in just one scrub.

Reduces Thinning, Boosts Hair GrowthIt’s designed to lift and mix the natural oils within your hair ensuring a healthy and fully nourished scalp.

For All Hair TypesWhether you have thick hair, coarse hair, or long hair, this massaging brush gets every inch.

Male, female, young or old?

Scalpy does not discriminate and can be used by everyone in the family (even pets).

Save Money– Total relaxation without burning a hole in your wallet.

Scalpy gives a spa-worthy massage when you’re shampooing and is your best destressing buddy when you need one.

Scalpy also works well for ladies not wanting to ruin their gorgeous nails. What more can we ask for!

Product specifications:

Material: Silicone+Plastic

Gender: Unisex

Skin Type: All skin types

Color: Black, Red, White, Blue, Purple

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