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Professional 360° Extension Tube

Prevent annoying splashes and limescale water stains and keep your sink stylish and clean, reach and clean everything in seconds fast.

Get to know our products in five seconds:

✅ 360° freely bendable extension tube
✅ suitable for any water connection
✅ Prevent splashes
✅ available in 3 different sizes and 1 different colours

✅ made of high quality silicone and copper

Main features

[360° flexible rotation] The tap extension can be turned or adjusted in any desired direction or angle so that large items in the sink, such as large plates pans or the like, can be cleaned easily.

[Choose a size that suits you] With our extension pipe, you can extend the length of your tap by a whole 8, 12 , 20 Inch. After a hard day’s work, you can enjoy a relaxing shower while the water cascades down on you from almost a metre above.

[Uniform connection] International universal interface (1/2 inch/cm), fits most taps around the world. You will enjoy the luxury of a towering shower head in no time.

[High quality materials] Food grade silicone material, soft and safe, non-toxic and odourless. Full copper interface is durable and will not rust. Filter design, rich foam to prevent splashing water.



Product Weight 208 / 440 g
Connection Size 2 cm
Length 20 /30/ 50 cm(8  /12/ 20 in)
Package Contents Universal Rotating Extension Tube × 1
Material Copper
Color Black, Orange, White

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