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The Easy-squeeze Toothpaste Holder is your great helper to reduce the waste of remaining toothpaste!

It is easy to use to squeeze out toothpaste by simple rolling action.

With its tiny size, it is space-saving for better bathroom organizing.

It can be used for various personal care products in addition to toothpaste, e.g. hand cream, face cream, beard lotion, or more.

Let’s be more environmental friendly with this innovative product, order now!


No More WastageIt helps to squeeze out the remaining small amount of toothpaste to avoid wastage and promote environmental friendly.

Easy To UseThe holder is easy to use, just roll and squeeze.

Space-savingIt has a small and compact size which is space-saving for bathroom organizing.

Non-slip MatThere is a non-slip mat at the bottom to avoid dropping off.

Wide ApplicationThe toothpaste holder can be widely used for holding various personal care products like hand cream, face cream, beard lotion, or more.


Material: ABS Plastic

Size: 6.4×3.9×4.6cm/2.5×1.5×1.8″


1 x Toothpaste Holder

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